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Complete kit springer BM20/50 Hole height 60mm


Out of production, last pieces

Complete kit for springer filter in a Braumeister BM20 / 50 with hole height 60mm from the bottom


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Out of production, last pieces


The Springer filter is longer 150cm. Everyone will have to cut it to the right length through a normal cutter.

In attachments the instructions for mounting and cut springer

In attachments the instruction for correct use of springer

The filter Springer length 150 cm included

With this special joint is possible insert a Springer in a Braumeister BM20 without having to make any changes to your Braumeister and without disturbing the malt pipe.

Thanks to this joint besides getting an optimal filtration of coarse particles which escape the basket or malt pipe you have the great advantage to extract ALL the wort.

Output height at which you place the faucet makes 4.8 liters of must not escape if not tilting the BM. The tilt though because the exit of the rough parts, and defeats the deposit.

Thanks to how it's built the special fitting ALL the wort be sucked without tilting the tank.

The special siding is constructed completely in stainless steel AISI 316 and the article also includes the cap consists of all parts in stainless steel A2

The following photo is relative to all the pieces that make up the join, spare o-rings and gasket included

The design of this joint and the fact that it can be removed makes its cleaning and sanitising very easy.

All the gaskets are Food Grade Certified (including the red O-ring and top gasket) so they won’t release noxious substances and they are effective at  200 °C (set with quick peaks of 250 °C)


Assembly instructions    bactube_piccolo


How do I use   bactube_piccolo

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By on  07 Jan. 2021 (Complete kit springer BM20/50 Hole height 60mm) :

No more dead space!

The BM50 has about 3 gallons of dead space after the boil, and thanks to this nifty gadget I have virtually none. Shipping to the US was super quick and the product arrived just as advertised. I’m not using the coil filters (as I do a cold break settling step in a separate vessel prior to finally transferring to my FV) - the dip tube device works well on its own without the filter coil inserted. Only gave it 4 stars since I wish they sold the dip tube separately without the filter coil. All in all a fantastic product - a real must have for any BM50 user!

By on  10 June 2020 (Complete kit springer BM20/50 Hole height 60mm) :

Springer Kit for Braumeister BM20

The shipment arrived quickly, especially given it was placed in the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is well made and the instructions are very precise and well-written. I have done two brews since it arrived and it worked absolutely perfectly. I followed the instructions exactly and once you understand how it all works - it is a syphon - you can see the need for each of the instructions. The BM drained almost completely without tipping at all. After returning the initial first runnings of about 3 litres, back into the BM the rest of the run-off was crystal clear into the fermenter. Less than a litre of wort remained in the BM at the end. It has totally solved the problems I had previously with the tap of the BM becoming blocked and has speeded up transfer to the fermenter immeasurably. And even though the instructions say NOT to use a flocculating agent during the boil, I used Protafloc (Irish Moss) and it still worked perfectly. The Springer has taken a lot of stress out of brew day, and it has given me crystal-clear wort into my fermenter and speeded up the whole process. At €100 it is hideously expensive but, I have to say, worth every penny (or cent, if you wish). I would thoroughly recommend this product.