Sparge and recirculation
Sparging and Recirculation Equipment for Beer Plant

Sparge and recirculation

Increase the efficiency of your brewing system with the BacBrewing sparge and recirculation diffusers, handcrafted in stainless steel.

Our equipment optimizes every phase of the beer production process, including sparge, a process for rinsing the wort grains in order to obtain as much sugar as possible from the wort while maintaining separation from the tannins, and recirculation, which allows the mixture to be kept always stirring during mashing.

The BacBrewing proposals include silicone diffusers for sparge and disc diffusers for recirculation, as well as adjustable supports for sparge or recirculation, which allow you to prepare the best beer, both at home and in small craft breweries.

BacBrewing products are handcrafted in Italy with great attention to every detail.

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