Trub Stopper 400 microns
Trub Stopper for Beer System

Trub Stopper 400 microns

BacBrewing Trub Stoppers trap all the clots, proteins and hop residues that form at the bottom of the kettle after the whirlpool. This ensures correct filtration of the product and helps to release the aromas of the beer.

Buy our stainless steel Trub Stoppers online, available with or without handle, in 4 sizes, with 400 micron sheet metal filter without fraying.

All BacBrewing artisan Trub Stoppers are supplied with a silicone profile, made using a sectioned silicone tube certified for FDA food -60+200°C. Furthermore, the 23-40-50 cm diameter versions are supplied with a handle suitable for the whirlpool and a long hook to allow insertion into the pot.

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