Spare parts for aphrometers

Spare parts for aphrometers

Are you a homebrewing enthusiast or do you have a small craft brewery? Are you a small family winery and do you make wine, make cider or make kombucha? The BacBrewing shop is for you if you are looking for spare parts for your afrometer, the tool that allows you to quickly and precisely check the degree of fermentation of your beer, wine, cider or kombucha.

In our catalog you will find single spare O-ring seals of different sizes, but also kits for breathed aphrometers, equipped with spare O-ring seals and breather screw combined with its O-ring seal.

FDA certified food grade silicone products, 100% Made in Italy and made with high quality materials.

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Reference: BB720.005

Brand: Generico

O-ring for afrometer

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Spare part O-ring FDA silicon for BacBrewing afrometer

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