Barrel Accessories
Barrel Management Accessories for Craft Beer

Barrel Accessories

In this section all the BacBrewing products that must be used in combination with the barrels are available, such as accessories and spare parts for beer barrels, tools for the maintenance of homebrewing barrels and technological caps for the thermal management of the barrels.

Essential for maintaining a constant internal temperature of the barrel, the BacBrewing technological cap is made up of a complete kit that includes high quality accessories including a silicone cap, a vent tube, a pressure gauge and more. Bacbrewing barrel caps are compatible with 20-30 liter, 50-60 liter and 225 liter barrels.

We also have barrel cooling cylinders, complete kits for loading CO2 into beer barrels, overpressure vents, blow off pipes and much more.

Choose BacBrewing equipment, handcrafted in Italy, and optimize your beer production system to the fullest!

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