Accessories for beer filtration: Springer, Hop Baskets, Trub Stopper, Hop


Optimize your beer filtration system with BacBrewing equipments: discover our vast assortment of exclusive products, made with great expertise and maximum attention to detail.

The BacBrewing accessories for beer filtration systems are designed to best compact the bottom created by the grains during the mashing phase, before recirculating the wort to free it from impurities and grains.

Buy the best Trub Stoppers online, essential for separating the clear liquid from the solid particles accumulated during fermentation and for an even better performance of the brewing process.

Also choose from our range of springer filters, comfortable and easy to clean, with wider spirals, for an even easier flow.

We also have hop baskets for beer filtration, suitable for homebrewing systems but also for use in craft breweries, both for boiling and dry-hopping.

BacBrewing stainless steel products are Made in Italy, comply with all hygiene and quality standards in line with European regulations and have MOCA certification, which certifies that the company, material, construction method and surface treatments used are correct for the sale of material intended for contact with food.

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