Hop Spider for Braumeister

Hop Spider for Braumeister

BacBrewing creates the best stainless steel equipment for the optimization of craft brewing systems including the Hop Spider for Braumeister system. This brewing basket is designed to hold hops during the boiling stage.

The Hop Spider baskets made by BacBrewing are available in different sizes and with different filter mesh sizes, to allow you to achieve an optimal result whatever the characteristics of your Braumeister system.

Although Hop Spiders are designed for use in the Braumeister, through the addition of various BacBrewing adaptation kits they can also be used in a normal boil tun or Dry Hop fermenter.

The BacBrewing Hop Spider for Braumeister is completely removable, easy to clean and made of MOCA certified food grade steel. All BacBrewing products are handcrafted in Italy with great attention to detail.

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