Measurement tools

Measurement tools

On BacBrewing you can purchase the tools necessary for accurate measurement of temperaturepressure and level in beer production systems.

From high-quality Brannan laboratory thermometers, essential for calibrating temperature controllers and digital thermometers, to the chilled stainless steel cylinders used for wort density testing, we provide everything you need for precise measurement of beer temperature, delicate moment and essential in every brewing process.

We also have the most accurate instruments for measuring pressure in homebrewing systems and craft breweries, such as pressure gauges (or aphrometers) for 0-10 bar bottles, with or without vent.

We also supply equipment for measuring beer levels in brewing plants, including dipsticksspeculums.

BacBrewing products are made in Italy, with high quality materials designed to enhance the performance of each brewing system.

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Thermal probe

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Thermal probes NTC10K Beta 3435, pt100 2-wire, wired and not wired

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