Parts for Grainfather
Accesories for Grainfather Brewing System

Parts for Grainfather

BacBrewing deals with the handcrafted creation of high quality accessories for the optimization of Grainfather beer production systems.

The Grainfather systems, designed to produce beer from grain malt (all grain method), are structured with an intuitive design and allow excellent results to be obtained simply and in a small space.

Thanks to the Made in Italy accessories produced by Bacbrewing it is possible to get the most out of every Grainfather system. BacBrewing in fact produces double bottoms for Grainfather, dipsticks for Grainfather G30, Grainfather external filters, gasket kits for Grainfather external filters, but also filter discs for Grainfather systems and much more.

BacBrewing products are made in Italy, with high quality materials designed to enhance the performance of every homebrewing system.

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Active filters

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Brand: BacBrewing

Filter disc for Grainfather

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Fine knitting filter disk for Grainfather Internal hole diameter 22 mm, external diameter 263 mm

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