It’s unfortunately common in Asian countries India and Eastern Europe to drown small radioactive balls (1-3mm of diameter) of cesium, cobalt-60, because it’s cheaper than disposing them correctly. In other words, low-radioactive or non-radioactive material like iron from mines, in this way, gains a normal amount of radioactivity. Everything is more or less radioactive, but it’s relatively low and natural, not dangerous for our health. However, what can happen is that a production batch with a high level of radioactivity escapes the inspection. Since they are semi-finished products, the wares are not inspected at the docks: they are inspected when the production waste goes back in the recycling cycle before coming back in the furnace. At this point you can date back to the production batch, who made it, where it came from (usually docks) and the companies that crafted it.

For our and your protection BacBrewing uses a Gamma-Scout-certified professional Geiger counter that can detected alpha, beta and gamma radiations. The instrument cannot be turned off, the detection is constant and memorized 24/7. When stainless steel, brass, copper, pyrex comes in our warehouse, from the smallest box of screws, laser-cut metal, pyrex cylinders or any other item, they are all checked with this instrument. By doing so, we can make sure and certify that BacBrewing products have no radioactive contaminations.

BacBrewing uses certified inox sheet, made in Italy, but we don't know what happens before our supplier is in its possession: that's the reason why we chose to take this precaution

It’s certainly right to make beer with pure water, barley and organic hops, but why use uncertified filters or pans, without any guarantee of the metal sheet used with low prices and shipping included?

I understand the necessity to lower the costs, but as I’m used to say quality has a price and nobody gives it for free.

Some examples