Increase disc BM10/BM10Plus fine mesh filter 0,9x0,9 mm


Increase disc for BM10/BM10Plus fine mesh filter 0,9x0,9 mm


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Increase disk specific for normal Braumeister BM10 or Plus

Version with filtering disc with fine holes 0.9x0.9 mm

Main disk thickness 3mm.

The product is composed of

226 mm diameter main disc 3mm thick

Filter disk

Washer diameter 10 for locking by central threaded bar and original wing nut

The hook and the silicone ring are no longer useful to use the original upper filter disk rotated 180 °

For its block to the malt pipe the original Braumeister plate is not used but directly the original washer and the cockerel. In this way the yield increase disk is pressed in the center improving the pressure applied to the malt pipe which is thus applied to the whole circumference in a homogeneous way.

Surface finish of the main mirror disk by electrolyte immersion electropolishing. Passivated for immersion for more than 3 hours

All the products are internally tested by BacBrewing but we also like to give them to our customers to test them and see if they actually work, what can be improved etc. So for this product we entrust a customer who has been using Braumeister products for years

The following table is the result of a test made on a Braumeister BM50

Pre-boil results:

BM 50 LT + DISCO FILTRANTE BACBREWING (cotta American IPA) 62 16 13 60 1061 76%

As you can see from the chart 16kg of malt have been used (BM50), so the 23% more than the standard malt-pipe capacity (13kg). The same percentage can be obtained  with the BM20 from 6 to 7,4kg The percentage of increase yield is 23% also with regard to the version BM10

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By on  16 May 2022 (Increase disc BM10/BM10Plus fine mesh filter 0,9x0,9 mm) :

Excellent product

This product is outstanding, with the materials used and quality of the manufacture. It is a very good accessory for the Speidel Braumeister giving a significant increase in the quantity of malt grains.