BacBrewing® was born in 2014 but as an experience in the field of industrial automation our birth dates back to the mid-80s as civil, industrial and industrial automation installers. Since 2007, while maintaining the uniqueness of the family-run company EnerGO 'srl, we have divided the tasks, my Brother to follow the plant and photovoltaic sector I follow the automation sector with a large slice in the packaging packaging sector with construction and design from scratch, among other things, of machinery that produces well-known products in the fragrance sector and plant renovations, hardware and software of obsolete machinery, enhancing its operation, let's say that if in your closet there is a scented leaflet to protect your woolen garments or if the famous perfumed sapling hangs from the mirror of your rearview mirror you have already unconsciously produced an object produced by our machinery.

In 1999 came the passion for homemade beer starting from the well-known Mr.Malt kit. From what comes what and also in this passion I channeled the other passion, that of automation, and I started to build a system that over time, between errors and successes, has always become more performing.

I realized over time that there is a shortage of products a step higher than the usual inherent homebrewing. Thanks to the historical moment we are going through and thanks to the fact that as artisans we are not able to sit down and wait for the manna from heaven, we decided to try this new way and to try to provide also to those who follow this hobby the possibility of having professional equipment .