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HopSpider Medium for hop

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Completely made of aisi304L stainless steel WITHOUT THE USE OF MESH but with the use of the now famous BacBrewing® micro-perforated stainless steel sheet which absolutely does not unravel over time and having no crossed wires does not retain dirt.

Select the filtration texture between 250, 400 and 800 microns.

250 microns Perfect for pelleted hops with no spill

400 microns Good for pellets with the possibility of minor spills. Perfect for cones, flowers, pressed plugs.

800 micron Not suitable for pellets. Perfect for cones, flowers, pressed plugs. Slight leaks of small pieces given by the pulverization of the pressed hops.

Another very important feature of this article is that the basket can be completely disassembled, no part with gaps where dirt can stop. Each weld is completely closed on itself, even the micro-perforated stainless steel sheet does not have any flap folded back on itself or electropunctures where cleaning can be difficult. Easily removable and remountable to perform a cleaning such as to make it suitable for use also for Dry Hopping by adding the Dry Hop Kit to the article.

Although the article has been studied for use in Braumeister, through the addition of various adaptation kits it can safely be used both in a normal boiling vat or even in a fermenter for Dry Hop.

- For use in Braumeister add the HopSpider Kit (BM10/20/50)

- No need to add anything for normal use

- To use in Dry Hopping add the DryHopping Kit (S-M-L)

Thanks to the fact that every part of it is removable, electropolished and free of interstices for its cleaning, it is not necessary to use aggressive chemicals that are harmful to the environment, just a simple detergent.

It is advisable not to let it air dry but once washed dry it with a soft cloth

Another accessory to be purchased separately is the little press. It serves to put a light pressure on the hops once the basket is hoisted externally to the level of the must and put to drain, it is advisable not to press too much the hops in order not to extract undesirable substances.

Every single piece that constitutes the basket undergoes production processes and finishes such as to make the assembly suitable for contact with food (it is absolutely not enough to say that it is made of stainless steel) such as pickling, electropolishing and passivation for which processes are used used products and methodologies in compliance with the ASTM380-967 USA directive (the strictest global guideline)

The basket is formed by a 2 mm-thick aisi304L laser-cut stainless steel sheet

The base flange and the flange for use in Dry Hop are obtained by laser from a 4 mm thick aisi304L stainless steel sheet

Origin of the micro-perforated stainless steel sheet and used stainless steel sheets ITALY. (as with all stainless steel worked and sold by BacBrewing®)

As can be understood from the thicknesses involved, the basket has an absolute robustness that does not fear comparisons with similar products.

As with all BacBrewing® products, this is also done internally with the recognized high quality typical of Italian craftsmanship

Internal dimensions of the Hop Spider Small

D 116mm x H 227mm Vol. 2,4 liters per 240 gr of hop (100gr/liter ratio)

Internal dimensions of the Hop Spider Medium

D 136mm x H 385mm Vol. 5,6 liters per 560 gr of hop (100gr/liter ratio)

Internal dimensions of the Hop Spider Large

D 196mm x H 492mm Vol. 14,85 liters per 1,48 kilos of hop (100gr/liter ratio)

The external diameters of the baskets are

Small 120mm, Medium 140mm, Large 200mm so they can be used also with the cooling coil for the hopping at the boil end.

The basket comes clean and pre-installed, complete with every single of its parts.

It still needs to be washed and sanitized before the use.

It’s recommended to not air-dry it but use a soft cloth after washing it.

This is the basket code, complete in every single of its parts and remember that for the use in Braumeister BM20 you need to add the Hop Spider BM20 Kit while for the use in Dry Hopping you need to add the Dry Hop Kit (M size)

For the use in Braumeister check the measures to make sure your system is compatible.

BacBrewing® assumes no responsibility if Braumeister were to change its systems

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