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New model of hops baskets designed for use in the brewery, both for boiling and dry-hopping

All models are 50 cm high and are available in three diameters

Diameter 20 cm - Empty weight 3 Kg - Internal volume 15.7 liters. Ratio 1kg / 10L = 1.6 Kg of hops

Diameter 28 cm - Empty weight 4 Kg - Internal volume 30.8 liters. Ratio 1kg / 10L = 3.1kg of hops

Diameter 38 cm - Empty weight 5 Kg - Internal volume 56.7 liters. Ratio 1kg / 10L = 5.7kg of hops

Available with filtering texture from 250-400-800 microns of your choice, filter cylinder and filter discs made of micro-perforated and stretched sheet therefore without any intertwining of threads, perfect for proper cleaning and no fraying

250 microns Perfect for pelleted hops with no spill

400 microns Good for pellets with the possibility of minor spills. Perfect for cones, flowers, pressed plugs.

800 micron Not suitable for pellets. Perfect for cones, flowers, pressed plugs or barks, nuts, peels etc. Slight leaks of small pieces given by the pulverization of the pressed hops.

Totally removable for perfect cleaning of all parts without the possibility that there are points where bacterial cultures can take root

Supplied as in the photo, complete with everything for dry-hopping use, therefore the baskets are complete with chain and bottom flanges and cap.

The bottom of the 28 and 38 cm versions is complete with an additional filtering disc made with perforated sheet at 1500 microns. This third filter disc is not used as a filter but only as a reinforcement to protect the actual filter disc that rests on it.

The fixed flanges of the structure have a hole that allows 2 baskets to be joined together without the aid of special joints


Additional 700 gr weights are available separately to hang on the bottom of the basket


An innovative feature of this model of baskets is the use of a stainless steel clamp to lock the filter cylinder to the structure



Basket 100% made of aisi304L stainless steel, pickled, electropolished structure.

Structure made with 3 mm thick stainless steel plate, laser-cut 3 mm thick fixed and movable flanges, argon TIG welds completely closed on themselves.

Totally passivated by immersion for more than 3 hours (*) in compliance with the ASTM 380-967 USA directive and the EU MOCA directive regarding stainless steel parts coming into contact with food.

(*) The passivating agent used in the Solar line makes 304L series stainless steel acquire the same chemical and corrosion resistance properties as AISI316L steel

If your brewery needs it, on request, we provide the MOCA certification of the item at a cost of € 10 + VAT. Remember that if your plant is MOCA certified, adding a product without MOCA certification will invalidate the certification of the entire plant.

Soon the video on the YOUTUBE channel. If you haven't done so yet, sign up to be updated with the publication of new videos.

Made to order, lead time 1-2 weeks

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