INOX magnetic system for dry-hop


INOX magnetic system for dry-hop

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The magnet has considerable strength and if used improperly can cause crush injuries

Keep out of reach of children


With this magnetic system it is possible to dry hopping without having to open the fermenter.

The system consists of

A powerful 36mm diameter neodymium magnet complete with hook (external side of the fermenter)

A solid iron disc hermetically incorporated in stainless steel complete with hook, diameter 50 19 mm high, weight 280 gr.


Instructions for use

1- Once the hop bag has been filled, place the large disc inside and close it again.

2- Place the bag adhering to the lid on the internal side of the fermenter, take the magnet and place it on the external side of the lid in conjunction with the internal disc.

The system will be joined together and the bag will hang securely on the lid

The same method can be done using a HopTube hooking it to the hook by means of the chain

3- Once the time to dry-hop is reached, it will not be necessary to open the lid with the risk of incurring possible infections, it will be sufficient to remove the magnet from the outside and the bag or the HopTube will fall into the fermenter.

The heavy weight of the disc will prevent floatation optimizing hop yield.

The use of a second hook can also allow the bag or the HopTube to be recovered

For example, if you use a HopTube, the end of the chain will be hung on a magnetic hook and the HopTube will be hung on the second magnetic hook.

In this case, before closing the fermenter, mark which magnet is to remove to drop the hops.

Once the time to dry-hop has been reached, simply remove this previously marked magnet and the basket will fall into the must.

The weight attached to the HopTube will ensure that the hops remain fully immersed.

Once the lid has been opened, it will be possible to recover the basket having remained attached to the other hook.

With a thickness of the flat lid of 0.8 mm maximum dockable weight 4Kg



The magnet has considerable strength and if used improperly can cause crush injuries

Keep out of reach of children

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By on  01 June 2023 (INOX magnetic system for dry-hop) :

Good quality

I haven't tested this yet but the first impression is very good. High quality and heavy weight, much cheaper than a hop dropper setup!