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New hop basket model. Available in various versions.

- Diameter 6.5 or 10cm

- Length from 10 to 50cm with 10cm steps

- Filtering element suitable for pellet hop 250 microns

- Filtering element for hops in pressed cones / plug. 900 microns

Complete with 50cm long chain and hook.

The filtering element is obtained through the use of micro-perforated stainless steel sheet, therefore not with a mesh which retains the dirt and over time becomes loose. The closing of the filtering cylinder is obtained through a double C-fold which, besides forming an excellent union, prevents the possibility of cutting itself. The definitive union of the flaps is performed by electropuncture

Completely built in AISI304 / 316 stainless steel. With this version we wanted to offer a product of high quality but with particular attention to price

To avoid buoyancy, especially with large hoptubes we recommend the WEIGHT FOR HOPTUBE


Usually to maintain a correct hop basket / weight ratio we are on a 1/10 ratio or with a 1 liter volume we use 100g of hop

HopTube diameter 6.5cm

Length 10 cm Vol 0.33 lt hop 33gr

Length 20 cm Vol 0.66 lt hop 66gr

Length 30 cm Vol 1 lt hop 100gr

Length 40 cm Vol 1,32 lt hop 132gr

Length 50 cm Vol 1,65 lt hop 165gr

HopTube diameter 10cm

Length 10 cm Vol 0.8 lt hop 80gr

LEngth 20 cm Vol 1.6 lt hop 160gr

Length 30 cm Vol 2.3 lt hop 230gr

Length 40 cm Vol 3.1 lt hop 310gr

Length 50 cm Vol 3.9 lt hop 390gr

As with all BacBrewing® products, this one also undergoes various chemical treatments such as pickling and passivation. Only with these procedures is it possible to certify the suitability for contact with foodstuffs of stainless steel parts as per US directive ASTM380-967

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