False bottom for Grainfather hole version Ø 2 mm


False bottom specially built for use in Grainfather 30 liters


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False bottom made of perforated stainless steel aisi 304L, holes diameter 2 mm, laser cutting external diameter 296.5mm thickness 1 mm complete with three m6 threaded inserts on which to screw the three removable and height-adjustable legs. Complete with an additional screw and nut for use as a retractable handle for simple insertion and extraction from the pot.

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By on  08 Nov. 2020 (False bottom for Grainfather hole version Ø 2 mm) :
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By on  26 Oct. 2020 (False bottom for Grainfather hole version Ø 2 mm) :

Review for the 2mm version

I was hesitating to choose between 1mm and 2mm version. I just did my first GF hop stand recently using 2mm version which fit my GF 30l perfectly. The hop did not pass the false bottom and the original hop filter filtered out the remains. Worked perfectly. This false bottom is like a mm or so below the grain basket - the first beer I bottled after using it is pretty clear.

The delivery was lightning fast. I ordered international package and it came like in two working days top. Awesome :) Probably because it is being packed into a flat envelope and is treated like a document package.

Bit expensive taking into count the shipping costs during pandemic times. I would choose to wait longer for the package if it was cheaper but that was not an option when I was making an order.

I am happy that I bought it. If you have GF and want to do a hop stand, order that asap.

By on  25 Oct. 2020 (False bottom for Grainfather hole version Ø 2 mm) :

Quality Grandfather Upgrade

This false bottom is far better fitting & far higher quality than any other for the Grainfather out there, it filters out more from reaching the the original filter underneath. Yes it might be more expensive but in this case you get what you pay for and will last the lifetime of the system. After using it a few times one thing I have noticed is the boil seems more fierce so you have to adjust the boil off rate from 2 l per hour to 2.5.

By on  14 Oct. 2020 (False bottom for Grainfather hole version Ø 2 mm) :


Misure perfette per il GF 30 litri, fa bene il suo lavoro sia impedendo ad impurità di andare verso la pompa sia accumulando su di se buona parte dei residui di luppolo.
Anche il fondo del GF a fine cotta risulta meno incrostato di materiale bruciato

By on  30 Sept. 2020 (False bottom for Grainfather hole version Ø 2 mm) :

2mm hole Grainfather false bottom

This is a perfect fit in a 30l grainfather and can easily be adjusted to sit above the existing filter and below the grain basket. The 2mm version filtered out around 95% of the pellet hop debris, with only a small amount being trapped by the original filter. It doesn't noticeably reduce the flow through the chiller. It also means you can whirlpool without worrying about knocking the original filter off and blocking the pump.

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