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With this attachment complete with a 1.5 meter long springer filter, you can filter the post-boiling must, leaving clots, proteins and hops inside your Grainfather. Tee and spinger filter in Aisi316L stainless steel, electropolished and immersion passivated for suitability for contact with foodstuffs as specified by MOCA

The springer filter due to its shape offers an obstacle to the passage of the coarse parts which rest on its surface. This results in an obvious slowing down of the flow but as can be seen from the product photos the result in the fermenter is staggering with a total absence of background.






The kit consists of

1- aisi 316 stainless steel tee with two a2 stainless steel locking screws

1- springer filter length 1.5 mt

1- FDA food grade silicone ring for thrust locking of the tee

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By on  10 Apr. 2021 (Kit springer Grainfather) :

Grainfather's pump not powerful enough!

The idea and the craftsmanship behind this Springer Kit is great. However, after brewing with it over 20 times, I figured that the pump of the grainfather just isn't strong enough to deliver a decent flow rate while mashing. I tried literally everything to find a work around: using the Springer kit in combination with and without the false bottom. As well as cutting it to a smaller size for having it lay around the boiler wall very loosely. I also tried to adjust the water:grain ratio, etc. - nothing really seemed to increase the flow rate during a mash. It works pretty decent after the boil for filtering the trub out of the liquid, but it's kinda useless if the pump cannot handle it while mashing the grain. Until Grainfather hasn't improved its pump, I wouldn't bother to upgrade it with any other filter or Springer Kit. I'm juse using the false bottom without any filter/ Springer now. And this seems to do the trick.

Thanks for feedback. As per the product description, the flow is halved, it is normal. Any filter must pose an obstacle otherwise it wouldn't be a filter. From tests carried out, the pouring time is doubled. It is also true that the GF pump has no strength as it is limited to a head of only 1.5m

Shop owner reply on 10 Apr. 2021
By on  01 March 2021 (Kit springer Grainfather) :

perfect for the grainfather

Very good replacement for the grainfather filter. Works perfect I use it under the false bottom so double filter...

By on  05 Dec. 2020 (Kit springer Grainfather) :
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By on  06 Oct. 2020 (Kit springer Grainfather) :

Used twice

I like it, clogging is no worse than the grainfather filter and wort is much cleaner
- might work best with a bottom plate?

By on  14 May 2020 (Kit springer Grainfather) :


Ottimo sostituto del filtro originale: solido, si adatta perfettamente, ha un'alta superficie filtrante, si pulisce facilmente

By on  17 Apr. 2020 (Kit springer Grainfather) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review.
By on  09 March 2020 (Kit springer Grainfather) :

Super filtro

Ho testato il nuovo filtro questo week, per i luppoli ho usato un big hop risultato sembra molto buono con GrainFather. Con il ritaglio ho fatto un filtro bazooka per la pentola per E+G....usando alcuni pezzi già in possesso

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