External filter Grainfather 400 + 800 microns WITHOUT BULKHEAD



With a spare part 800 micron filter cylinder

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Version with 800 micron spare cylinder

The product is supplied complete and pre-assembled with a 400 micron filter cylinder

A second 800 micron filter cylinder is also supplied



For its assembly, the original bulkhead with m14x1 thread is used

Before purchasing, you must check whether the original Grainfather bulkhead is the correct size

If your Grainfather has an incompatible bulkhead, it must be purchased separately

Click here to see the M14x1 bulkhead product

New filter that replaces the original internal filter of the Grainfather. The problem with the original filter is that if it becomes clogged, the flow decreases considerably, sometimes even reaching total blockage, significantly lowering efficiency, it is also a filter that paradoxically does not filter. In fact, it often happens that coarse parts are not blocked and once they enter the pump impeller they even risk blocking it. If this happens it is a big problem as there is no possibility to disassemble it being directly connected to the vat and the vat is full of must.

With this new filter all this does not happen. The filter has been specifically designed in BacBrewing in such a way as to make it even removable and cleanable with a full pot.

The article is composed of all the parts necessary to obtain the complete external filtering system

Filters cylinder with 400 and 800 microns weave obtained from electro-pointed micro-perforated sheet, not mesh.

External cylinder in pyrex borosilicate glass thickness 5 mm

Totally disassemblable, totally built in pickled stainless steel, electropolished and passivated with acids that comply with the most severe USA ASTM 380-967 directive and with materials and procedures that comply with EU MOCA regulations, all welding is performed in Argon TIG.

All silicone parts are made internally in BacBrewing and are FDA certified food grade with resistance from -50 to + 180 ° C

In "Attachments" you can find the instructions to download in pdf format

Changes / improvements made

1- Increased diameter of the cap fins brought from 16 to 16.5mm in diameter for a greater guarantee of sealing.

To insert it it is recommended to wet it. Operate it linearly, DO NOT rotate on itself for risk of breakage

2- The hose clamp for the pump hose in the photos is no longer produced in the UK but in Taiwan and has a very bad quality. For this reason the double wire clamp is supplied 

3- Replacement of the silicone gasket of the central screw with an analogue in Teflon to be able to apply greater closing force to the gaskets of the Pyrex cylinder

4- Replacement of the vent screw with knurled screw for greater ease of operation when venting without the use of a screwdriver


5- Replacement of the silicone seal of the bulkhead from silicone to teflon for a greater fixing force of the filter to the Grinfather 

6- Pyrex cylinders with re-burned edge for greater mechanical resistance

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External filter for Grainfather

Instructions external filter for Grainfather

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By on  18 Dec. 2023 (External filter Grainfather 400 + 800 microns WITHOUT BULKHEAD) :

Ottimo filtro che risolve tanti problemi

Ho acquistato questo filtro dopo averci fatto qualche pensiero, visto anche il prezzo. Ma vale ogni euro. Montaggio perfetto e facile, materiale professionale e ottimo. Nel frattempo ho fatto diverse cotte senza mai avuto più problemi con la pompa del Grainfather. Unica cosa da prendere in considerazione: La pulizia di tutto il set diventa un po più laborioso, dovendo ovviamente smontare il filtro e rimontarlo per la pulizia del Grainfather. Consigliatissimo.

By on  08 June 2022 (External filter Grainfather 400 + 800 microns WITHOUT BULKHEAD) :

Qualità eccellente

Funziona perfettamente e la qualità dei materiali è eccellente come al solito. Accessorio praticamente imprescindibile

By on  07 Feb. 2022 (External filter Grainfather 400 + 800 microns WITHOUT BULKHEAD) :

Far superior

I used the filter for 8 brews in total before writing this review. The filter is far superior to the standard GF filter. It was easy to install (8/10), it is easy to clean (10/10) and the quality of the parts is amazing (10/10).
Depending on your grain crush, you might run into issues with the filter. I do not mill my grain myself and the grain crush I get is finer than what I would do myself. Good for efficiency but not necessarily for the filter. Usually I have to clean it once during mashing (filter is blocked). This might seem annoying but it is absolutely worth it. I ordered the 400 and 800 micron inserts but only use the 400 one. The other is not usable with the grain crush I get from my home brew store. Beer is very clear and I am sure that my issues will disappear as soon as I get my own malt mill. Would definitely buy again! Already looking forward to receiving and testing the new products I just ordered. Quality and service are great at bacbrewing.com!

By on  14 Sept. 2021 (External filter Grainfather 400 + 800 microns WITHOUT BULKHEAD) :

Phil H

Great piece of equipment...why grainfather never thought of it is crazy...works well and my wort comes out so clear its brilliant...I've done 2 beers in tbe grainfather since adding the filter and it's the best money I've spent...