Filter springer joint 3/4"

051 3/4

Filter springer joint 3/4"


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Special junction, completely built in stainless steel AISI316 which finishes with a sloping tee (also made in stainless steel AISI 316electrowelded with TIG) for the insertion of the Springer Filter 3/4"

For mounting of a pot without the exit hole, as every joints or BacBrewing wells, you will only need a hole, which diameter is 30mm sanding the hole doolings.

At this point, you can insert the Springer Filter ends in the joint gaps and tighten the pointed-end wingleted screws to not ruin the Springer Filter spirals, keeping in mind that the filter pointed-ends haven’t to be sticked together because they could close the exit passage for the must. The filter ends have to be inserted for no more than 2 cm. Insert the joint with the premounted springed filter in the vat or fermentator and then pass the joint end, with its gasket for the hole. From the outside insert the washer and tighten up with the M30x1.5 wingleted locknut (help yourself with a 25mm wrench inserted in the groove present between the thread (M30x1.5) and the 3/4" inch thread, so you can tighten the joint without twisting the silicon gasket.

The Springer joint comes with a gasket 30x40x5, a spare gasket, two wingleted screws, washer, locknut with winglets, tape teflon

This is a joint, so it needs a 3/4" inch shutter at the end to close the must passage.

Warning: the Springer filter 3/4" 90cm lenght are NOT included with this code and they need to be purchased aside.

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051 3/4
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