Trub Stopper d 17 x h 5.7 cm


Trub Stopper. Diameter 17 cm, height 5.7 cm


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With the use of the Trub Stopper the cake of clots, proteins and hop residues that forms on the bottom after the whirlpool will remain trapped inside, preventing partial suction when the tap is opened during the extraction of the must, it can also be used in fermentation to block the backwash from the tap.

It is inserted before making the whirlpool and using a long ladle it is positioned towards the center of the pot. It is also possible to insert it before boiling but in this case it is advisable to avoid that the point with the flame is directly on the silicone profile in order to avoid possible cession by the silicone. Although the silicone used is suitable for contact with food and is resistant up to 180 ° C, avoid direct contact with the part of the pot in direct contact with the flame.

2 mm thick stainless steel structure, brushed, pickled and passivated. Filtering element performed by means of micro-perforated sheet metal, not mesh and therefore eternal without fraying. Complete with FDA certified food grade silicone profile to join the parts and for an excellent adherence to the vat. Totally removable in all its parts for perfect cleaning.

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