Presser cockpit for sensor probe diameter 6mm


Presser cockpit for sensor probe diameter 6mm


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Central body in AISI316 stainless steel, AISI304 stainless steel presser

Complete with food-grade silicone pot gasket, a second spare gasket, 20-stop washer and M20x1.5 locknut with clamping lugs without special equipment, food-grade silicone gasket, a second spare gasket, a stainless steel ring of gasket pressure, a second spare ring and 1/4 finned presser. All the wells, the presser pits and the various bulkheads are complete with two grooves to make the tightening without causing the torsion of the gasket through the use of a 17 or 19mm wrench operating from the outside of the vat or fermenter without this having to enter the vat or fermenter with parrot-type tools that are difficult to clean and difficult to sanitize. In Accessories you can find the right key in addition to the spare parts. With this type of thermowell it is possible to make a multiplicity of uses, for example putting a metal probe in stainless steel diameter 3-6 directly in contact with the liquid by drilling laterally the vat, be it mash or sparging or the fermenter tightening the presser on the metal of the probe and not on the cable to avoid the possibility of must entering the probe and also to avoid putting the non-food-grade sheath of the probe cables in contact with the liquid. This type of well with presser makes a telescopic probe and this can also be fixed on the wall immersed in the must, obviously to make a telescopic probe this probe must have a long body and BacBrewing supplies NTC10k and Pt100 probes of different sizes ranging from 10 to the full 50cm ready in the catalog. With the use of this type of pressure well and a 40cm long probe mounted by piercing the lid of the fermenter it is possible to insert the probe, for example, directly into the fermenting must, being able to adjust the depth of temperature reading keeping in mind that the sensitive element of the probe is the tip. For the characteristics of the BacBrewing probes, see the catalog. With this type of well equipped with BacBrewing probes the fermentation temperature is not measured by measuring the temperature of the environment outside the fermenter itself but the actual temperature of the liquid is measured. This system, as for the 8mm pressure cock equipped with a blind stem, makes the temperature reading depth telescopic

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By on  15 Feb. 2022 (Presser cockpit for sensor probe diameter 6mm) :

Buon prodotto

Ottima finitura e materiali

By on  20 May 2020 (Presser cockpit for sensor probe diameter 6mm) :
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By on  25 March 2020 (Presser cockpit for sensor probe diameter 6mm) :


Ottimo prodotto, cortesia dello staff. Grazie