Complete silicone cap for barrel


Complete silicone cap for barrel

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Silicone cap certified FDA complete with stainless steel presser, silicone cap with all holes, clamping screw, pusher and copper paste tube.

All stainless steel parts are pickled, electropolished and passivated, therefore perfectly suitable for contact with food and for use in acidic environments.

The only non-stainless steel part is the closing screw which does not go into contact with the beer anyway. This is because having to tighten the cap if both the screw and the nut were in stainless steel would be high the risk of binding between screw and nut. When the stainless steel seizes there is no longer a way to free it except with the parting so you have chosen to use a zinc-plated screw which, however, is advisable to soil with a little copper paste. There is little to avoid to soil the whole but prevents the blocking of the screw.

Once inserted in the barrel hole with pre assembled all the parts tighten the screw by means of a 6 Allen wrench. In this way the silicone stopper is compressed and dilated. Entered in contact with the wall of the hole adheres perfectly even if the hole is irregular. Once it has made well grip on the wall begins expanding inward causing a perfect sealing of all the assimileme of the CAP

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