Plug for holes


Plug for holes from 8 to 30 mm diameter


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Plug for closing holes with a minimum diameter of 8mm maximum 30mm.

It must be inserted from the inner side of the pot with the gasket fitted and tightened from the outside with the wing nut that presses the washer. In order for the seal to be optimal and the internal part to lock itself without the aid of tools, always insert on dry walls. The 3 mm thick cap allows the gasket to be well tightened without the inner and outer washers flexing.

Maximum wall thickness 3 cm, no minimum thickness.

Internal disc 34x3 stainless steel AISI304

External washer 34x8,5x3 stainless steel AISI304

Stainless steel AisiA2-70 finned nut (304)

High temperature 36x8x3 food grade silicone seal -60 + 200 ° C (250 ° C for short periods)


Remember that the gaskets must always be placed on the inner side of the pot because it must prevent the must from coming out and not blocking it once it comes out

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By on  13 May 2020 (Plug for holes) :


Mi serviva per chiudere il foro della per la sonda della temperatura in boil. Oggetto semplice dal grande risultato.

By on  04 Nov. 2019 (Plug for holes) :

Tappatura di fori da 8 a 30 mm

Perfetto come da foto un tappo di qualita' e ben fatto