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Calibration thermometer


Calibration thermometer

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Brannan brand high-quality laboratory thermometer (UK) with -20 + 110 ° C scale with 1 ° C divisions, 300mm length, with anti-roll rubber hook, blue kerosene expansion with low toxicity, essential for calibration of digital thermoregulators or thermometers.

In a glass both the thermoregulator probe and the thermometer (with a minimum immersion of the 76mm expansion thermometer) are inserted to read the liquid temperature in the same point. When the reading on the display of the thermoregulator and of the thermometer have stabilized, the parameter of correction of the value given by the probe of the own thermoregulator will be operated. In case you want to keep as reference temperature a non-ambient temperature for which stable but a mash temperature, for example of 68 degrees, the test water must necessarily be not lower than 1/3 of a liter and inserted in a container possibly insulated also with a towel or similar to allow the stabilization of the thermometer and thermoregulator readings without the natural cooling of the water allowing a stable reading of the two.

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