Stainless steel cooled test cylinder


Stainless steel cooled test cylinder


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Cylinder cooled to test density of must completely built in stainless steel AISI304 suitable for professional density meters or long saccharometers. Length of the central tube 460mm, internal diameter 27mm. Unlike normal cylinders currently on the market, BacBrewing™ offers this innovative model built with an outer rectangular tube thanks to which some interesting solutions have been possible.

The entry point of the cooling water, with thread M 1/2 "and the hot water outlet pipe diameter 12mm are at the same level and low.This prevents the cylinder from overturning that can happen with the normal cylinders with tube of high output. Although the inlet and outlet pipes are at the same level and low from the outlet pipe only the waste water comes out once the test cylinder is full having the overflow point at 5 mm from the sky (see photo View in section) in this way the cylinder cooling is optimal

The central tube where the densimeter is inserted has a removable FDA silicone cap at its bottom for perfect cleaning. The models currently on the market are closed by welding a stainless steel disc but it is not possible a proper fluxing of gas inside during welding at this point it forms a crack with porosity that retains the dirt thus creating an unreachable, contaminating point and not mechanically cleanable.

Supplied complete with gutter and FDA silicone gasket useful for retaining the must that flows during the insertion of the densimeter, in this way it does not dirty the test cylinder or the work bench where it is placed.

The 4 feet form a large support area for optimal stability and are individually adjustable and lockable, so a perfect calibration is possible on the vertical to obviate the usual problem that the density meter attaches to the wall by unpacking the reading.

Supplied complete with all parts, including 0,5mt of cristal tube to be inserted into the d.12mm hose connector

As with all BacBrewing™ products, this also undergoes various chemical treatments such as pickling, electropolishing and passivation. Only with these procedures is it possible to certify the suitability for food contact with stainless steel parts according to USA directive ASTM380-967

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