Siphon for Braumeister height 50 mm


Siphon for Braumeister BM20 BM50 hole height 50 mm


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With this article it is possible to suck the must under the exit hole.

Version for Braumeister BM20 or BM50 with 50 mm height between center of exit hole/bottom (see dimensional photo)

Before buying it, check the dimensional compatibility with your Braumeister by taking the measurement

It must be inserted internally in the outlet hole, the o-ring has the task of sealing and retaining the fixed siphon.

Its construction method allows the suction of the must even when the level drops below the outlet hole, it also has an angled cut useful to slow down the suction flow from the center, keeping the central cake compact of clots, proteins, grain particles and hops thickened in the center through the whirlpool

Supplied complete with FDA silicone o-ring plus a second spare o-ring

Immersion pickled, electro-galvanically polished, immersion passivation for more than three hours. These treatments are performed with components and procedures that comply with ASTM 380-967 USA and the MOCA-EU directive, the most severe directives regarding stainless steel parts coming into contact with hot food.

Fluxed tig welding for a smooth wall also internally

100% handmade product made in BacBrewing

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By on  28 Nov. 2023 (Siphon for Braumeister height 50 mm) :


Well made solid item. Empties more wort into the fermenter.