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Basket 1 module 21 liters Hop Basket Big


Basket 1 module 21 liters HopBasket Big

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This basket is designed to meet the needs of breweries using large quantities of hop pellets. Its 21 litres volume allows a usage of up to 2,1 kg of hop pellets.

The basket is micro-perforated stainless steel (not mesh), not only making a perfect seal and ensuring no pellet particles enter the wort, but also allowing the basket to be cleaned and sanitized easily.

All parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and are Argon TIG welded, the micro-perforated plate is electrically welded solid 5 mm thick rings well used with lasers. 

There are 6 stainless steel rods (10 mm diameter)  which run the full length of the basket, giving it a unique strength and rigidity.

According to your requirements, these modular baskets can be used in conjunction with other baskets and bolted together with the bolts provided to form one single basket.

So if 6 kg of hop pellets were required, 3 baskets could be used and bolted together to form a basket with a total capacity of 63 litres.


Filter cylinder diameter 30 cm

Filter cylinder height 30 cm

Ring outer diameter 35 cm

The top and bottom flanges need to be purchased separately

Only built to order, delivery time approximately 10-20 working days

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Quello che cercavo

Per il mio birrificio ne ho acquistati 3 che uso per dry hoping. La cessione del luppolo è identica a quella del luppolo libero ma col pregio che non scappa nulla dal cesto, birra in uscita dal fermentatore perfettamente pulita. Unico avviso è che bisogna munirsi di un verricello perché già di suo pesa 12 kg, robustissimo, poi va aggiunto il peso del luppolo bagnato

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Basket 1 module 21 liters Hop Basket Big

Basket 1 module 21 liters Hop Basket Big

Basket 1 module 21 liters HopBasket Big

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