Complete spunding valve


Ball keg joint, pressure gauge and automatic regulator


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With the complete spunding valve you can monitor the pressure of the kettle with jolly-ball connection and prevent overpressures thanks to the automatic discharge regulator. If the pressure rises beyond the automatic setting, the regulator discharges too much co2 into the environment, thus avoiding over-carbonation or explosions of kettle

The operation of the regulator takes place through the pressure force of the internal spring exerted on a shutter therefore also the variation of summer winter temperature and ambient humidity changes its response and this is a normal thing of all mechanical regulators, therefore discrepancies between the setting of the knob and the actual reading of the pressure gauge are possible

Complete with female jolly gas connection, 6 bar pressure gauge and automatic drain

Syringe with 1ml of FDA grease Brand CFG L01205

O-ring FDA silicone red for ball-keg male connection.

It is supplied as shown in the photo, pre-assembled and ready to use

The FDA silicone red o-ring supplied with the product is used to replace the original black rubber o-ring of the jolly male connection, they are often supplied with poor quality and non-homogeneous shape which causes the jolly connection to fail.

A syringe containing FDA grease for contact with food is also supplied, useful for allowing a good sliding of the graft, preventing damage to the o-ring. Place and distribute a small amount of grease over the entire circumference of the o-ring.

The valves are individually tested both for correctness of the pressure gauge reading and for tightness without leaks.

If pressure losses are found, it does not depend on the spunding valve but on the original unsubstituted o-ring.

To preset the drain valve, the following are the standard settings found during the tests, however it is recommended to carry out preliminary tests.

Click on "ATTACHMENTS" to download the spunding valve datasheet or the food grease datasheet

20=0.5 bar

30=1 bar

35=1.5 bar

40=2 bar

45=2.5 bar

50=3 bar

60=3.5 bar

70=4 bar


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